Microbial lysates containing immunogenic proteins in homeopathic medicines:<br>Relooking homeopathy as protein-based oral immunotherapy

Amarnath Sen40 Jadunath Sarbovouma Lane, Kolkata 700035, IndiaE-mail: amarns2@yahoo.co.in_________________________________________________________________________AbstractThe absence of any drug in the ultra-diluted homeopathic medicines coupled with unfavourableclinical trial results has painted homeopathic remedies as placebos. Different mechanisms havebeen forwarded to explain the anomalies but with little success. Here it is proposed thathomeopathy is a form of protein-based immunotherapy and the immunogenic […]

Additive homeopathy in cancer patients: Retrospective survival data from a homeopathic outpatient unit at the Medical University of Vienna Author links open overlay panelKatharinaGaertnerabMichaelM├╝llneraHelmutFriehsaErnstSchustercChristineMarosiaIlseMuchitscheMichaelFrassadAlan DavidKayef https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ctim.2013.12.014Get rights and content Summary Background Current literature suggests a positive influence of additive classical homeopathy on global health and well-being in cancer patients. Besides encouraging case reports, there is […]

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